Bible Study Notes

Bible Study is a powerful tool to learn more about God’s Word and grow in your relationship with Christ. Click on the link below to download notes from previous Bible Study classes, and we hope you can join us for the next session.


Transformational Relationship: “One Walk, Walk As One”  Feb 2017  
Transformational Relationships Ephesians 3
Jan 2017


Transforming the Mind - 1 Credle Oct 13
Transformational Relationships Study of Ephesians 2  Sept 27, 2016  
Transformation Relationship - Study of Ephesians 1  Sept 13, 2016  
Suggested Bible Study Topics  Jun 30, 2016   
BOUNDARIES Bullock Jun 22, 2016  
Signs of Unhealthy Boundaries Jun 14, 2016   
Establishing Healthy Boundaries May 5, 2016  
The Ministry of Listening Apr 2016  
Christ's Edition of Love Worship Apr 16,2016   
Passionate Worship Eley Apr 6, 2016  
Hosanna! Coker-Bell
Mar 2016   
 The Holy Spirit Our Helper in Prayer Mar 2016  
 Bible Study Setting Healthy Boundaries for Ministry Feb 2016